Risk Management...
From GICs to stock purchases, every investment comes with its own level of risk.
Diversification within your portfolio addresses the issues of time related and event related risk.
Your Risk Tolerance...
The selection of investments is one thing, the percentage allocation of those investments within your portfolio is another. Our knowledge of strategic and tactical allocation models can bring your financial dreams to reality.
Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
This 20 question test will measure your tolerance for investment risk based on your current situation, your investment timeline and your comfort level in various investing situations. After completing the questionnaire, you will be shown the portfolio profile that best fits your tolerance for investment risk.
Portfolio Profiles
A full range of portfolio profiles for investors with varying levels of risk tolerance. Complete the risk tolerance questionnaire to see which one fits you best.
Expected Returns
A comparison of how stocks and bonds perform against each other over time. What you choose to invest in will be affected by your retirement timeline.
Mutual Funds
Our advisors' professional perspective is a valuable tool in selecting mutual funds as part of a well structured investment portfolio.
Stock selection is generally done with either a value or growth based philosophy.
GICs, Regular, Stripped, and Government Issued Bonds have a known value when they come to maturity. See how they can be used in your RRSP investments, and how they can add flexibility to your portfolio.
Understanding Bonds
The mechanics of how bonds operate, including how interest rates affect bond prices, and an introduction to Bond Funds.
Insurance counters the risk taken on with equity based investments. We discuss the varying benefits from the different types of insurance.