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Your Risk Tolerance

The Right Balance in Your Portfolio

Edmond Financial Group will take the required time to better understand your comfort level with various investment options and help you reach your most important financial goals. We will help you establish The Right Balance in your investment portfolio and ensure it accurately matches your own unique needs. Choosing the most appropriate investments is no easy task. That's why we utilize a proven systematic process to attain the best results within acceptable levels of investment risk.

Asset Policy Determines Performance

The proper asset allocation process will determine the majority of your investment success. Studies reveal that your long-term returns are affected almost exclusively, at least up to 90%, not by what funds or stocks you pick, but by the particular allocation of the assets in your portfolio1. Our recommendations take advantage of the most recent breakthroughs in asset allocation, including Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation Models. Our process and recommended portfolios are customized solutions designed to maximize portfolio returns and minimize your overall risk.

We will work hard to better understand what matters to you, and develop strategies, which meet your objectives so you can reach your current and future financial goals. Completing the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire is the first step in building your investment strategy. It will set the stage for mapping your financial success and helping you navigate your journey to The Right balance in your portfolio.

1 Source: “Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update”(Financial Analysts Journal, May-June 1991, G.Brinson et al)