Plan Your Retirement

Building Strategies...
Upon retirement, the value of your planning will be known. Have you saved enough to last the rest of your life? A financial advisor gives you the benefit of their professional knowledge and experience in building solid strategies and practices to reach your financial goal.
Strategy Foundation
Retirement strategies are based upon your time to retirement, life expectancy, and current financial situation.
Building Wealth
Building wealth for retirement involves structuring your investments with tax minimization strategies and consideration for unknown future needs for cash liquidity.
Portfolio Management...
We re-visit the Value vs. Growth debate and introduce the middle-of-the-road philosophy known as GARP.
Structuring Investments
An illustration of how diversification in your portfolio can counter the risks inherent to stocks and bonds and the effects of market performance over time.
Tax Minimization Strategies
Some special considerations for Tax minimization strategies include the federal tax credit on pension income prior to age 65, having a spouse under age 70 with RRSP contribution room, and transfers of assets to a surviving spouse.
Lifestyle Money
Use life insurance to provide additional funds through benefit payouts or policy loans.
Maximizing RRSPs
Proceeds from the termination of RRSPs can be reinvested to maximize their financial benefit through life annuities, RRIFs, LIFs, and LRIFs.
Public Pension Plans...
Information on CPP and OAS benefit payment rates.
Timing Retirement
Considerations for deciding when to start drawing CPP payouts. Your taxable income and personal health will affect your decision.
RRIF Withdrawals
Information and table of percentage rates for annual minimum withdrawals from an established RRIF, including information on qualifying RRIFs.
Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits
Read how Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits help protect retirees or near-retirees from risk by providing them with a future stream of guaranteed annual payments.