Tax Planning

Tax Minimization Strategies
We offer 22 legal suggestions for minimizing and/or delaying your tax payments.
RRSP Contributions
RRSPs allow you to save and grow your money while deferring the taxes paid on your annual contributions from income.
We answer the questions of what a trust is and how it can be used to benefit others.
Governance of Trusts
Who should govern a trust and what should you expect to pay for their services?
Trust Portability
Trust portability gives you the power to change the administration of a trust and negotiate reasonable fees for its management.
Who you give a gift to will determine the value of that gift for taxation purposes.
Double Taxation
Giving gifts can leave you with a good feeling, but there may be problems with creating tax situations for yourself and/or the recipient.
Donating Shares
The gifting of shares or property to charity has tax advantages over giving the proceeds from the sale of those assets.
Attribution Rules...
Transferring ownership of property to family or a common law spouse for the purpose of income splitting is subject to tax attribution rules. The attribution is usually to the transferor; not the transferee.
Spousal RRSP Rules
The timing of a withdrawal from a spousal RRSP or RRIF will determine whether the income will be attributed to the contributor or the owner.
Gift & Loan Rules
The attribution rules for family giving or receiving a gift or loan.
Tax Rates
The federal personal income tax rates and provincial marginal tax rates.